EMB #110: Breakfast cereals

Breakfast cereals is something that we’ve been eating for as long as I can remember, in fact just about everyone I know was raised on some sort of sugary, fake, mostly toxic brand of cereal that includes:

  • frosted flakes
  • fruit loops
  • captian crunch
  • lucky charms
  • and many more

There’s so many unhealthy brands of breakfast cereals how do we know what to choose?  Most ‘health type of people’ would tell you (including myself) why not make a better decision and choose a better option.  How about oatmeal with berries for a starter; maybe an omelet will all kinds of veggies and even quinoa to make it a complete meal?  I understand at times we’re rushed out of the door, we have children to take care of, we have a paper to get done or a presentation that hasn’t been finished and we simply haven’t made time to prepare a full meal at breakfast time which is certainly the most important meal of the day.

We fast for a given number of hours while we sleep, usually 6-8hrs.  When we wake up we break our fast with breakfast which is exactly what the word means.  It’s time to jump start our metabolism, get the nutrients our minds and bodies need to function at the level we need to be at our best.  In my opinion skipping breakfast, having a snack at 10am or not having a complete meal before 11-12pm is a mistake and a habit not easily broken.

The good news is even if you haven’t made time to eat breakfast, something came up or you had to run out the door without notice we can resort to healthier breakfast cereals that don’t take any prep time, you just grab them and go.

It was my absolute pleasure to be able to interview Olympian, mother of two and founder of Bundles of Energy Michelle Giangualano who is going to give us some healthy choices when it comes to breakfast cereals.  For more information about Michelle you can click here.


  • Michelle talks about her background as an Olympian
  • Michelle tells us about her struggles with chemicals in food and how they affect her children (which includes night terrors)
  • What to look for in the ingredients list:
  • Sugar: less than 7 grams
  • Fibre: more than 5g
  • Grains:whole grains
  • Protein: find a way to add protein in the morning

Michelle has also offered a complete list that we go over in the interview, what we didn’t have time for was pictures, cereal brand names and places you can find them.  Michelle actually sells this with one of her packages so we’re very grateful she is giving this away to our listeners for free.  If you’d like to download that entire chart click here: BOE Shopping Guide, Sept; Cold Cereals.

Thanks so much to Michelle for coming to visit us in the studio and offer her time for an interview.  I hope this helps all of you find healthier choices in breakfasts cereals when you need something quick and easy.  Or maybe just better knowledge on the subject of what to have in the morning.

Michelle does a number of other things that includes:

“Whole Foods Lifestyle Program”: An online nutrition program for families and athletes

Sport Nutrition: Nutrition Seminars, Hand’s on cooking classes & online programs for sports teams
Fundraising: Cookbook and affiliate programs
School Programs: Cooking club curriculum for schools
-Corporate: lunch and learn seminars
If you’re interested in signing up for any of her programs you can click here.
I do want to make it clear this is an affiliate program.  I’m very careful what I recommend and who I’m affiliated with.  Michelle and I have had a number of conversations, we have similar athletic backgrounds and both of our number one concerns is your health so I’m happy to be working with her.

Thanks again for you time and for reading and or listening.  If you have any question please ask below and we’d be happy to get back you.


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