Efficient Phone Communication

In our current day and age, we are using the quickest, least personal, and least effective means of communication possible; texting. So much information about what the other person is thinking and feeling is lost and left up to interpretation. This is often the cause of relationship issues; we are lacking personal connection and the understanding that we are all just human beings, real people.

In this episode, Drew talks about his recent, refreshing experience with talking on the phone with some of his listeners. He talks about why he wanted to talk to them in this way, how it went, and how beneficial it could be to incorporate more of this interpersonal communication in our everyday lives.  


Show Notes:

  • The importance of asking your audience questions
    • What they are looking for
    • If they are satisfied
  • Idea came from Dr. Klopp, who suggested he call his listeners
  • “Can I call you?” in his newsletter
  • Directing material to a specific audience
  • We don’t hear each others voices anymore, we hardly talk to each other on the phone, or even leave voice messages
  • We are using the shortest amount of communication possible, and we wonder why we are having relationship issues
  • We lack that connection and understanding that we are all just human beings, real people
  • A huge thank you to the listeners he was able to talk to on the phone

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