Detoxify Yourself – A 30 Day Meal Plan to Find the True You

Because of the growing popularity of Detoxify Yourself, we decided to give it it’s own home.  Detoxify Yourself has it’s very own website which can be read here, however if you would like some more information before you head over to a different website, we’d be happy to accommodate.

(Enter Drew)

Hey folks, thanks so much for your interest in Detoxify Yourself!  As a new author and new book and all the excitement especially unexpected every form of interest is exciting for me.  I began writing a meal plan for those looking to eat healthier, then I decided to share reasons why I avoid certain foods and finally I thought it would be beneficial to show those who may read it recipes so they know how to prepare the meals listed.  From planning on writing a 2 week meal plan to an actual book that can be purchased in various books stores, this entire journey has been quite the adventure.  I’m so grateful for all the support I’ve received since the book has been out and in readers hands.  The testimonials and pleasant emails I often wake up to make every part of this worth while.

What does the book include:

  • Recipies
  • Meal plan
  • Direction on how to use the plan
  • grocery shopping lists
  • and exercises to clear the mind (mental detox)

I understand there is so much information out there.  There is so much to learn and so many controversial topics in the health/food industry.  What this book is, is a simply way to understand various elements of our lifestyle.  For example, how often do we say ‘I have no time’, well I address that and tell you exactly why I feel time is the only thing that never runs out.

Having sleep problems or too stressed out to do anything but worry, I address this issue as well, give you exercises and help you understand how food relates back to most things we do.

What started out as an insult when writing Detoxify Yourself (simply because I didn’t understand the compliment) is now my greatest form of positive feedback.  Often people tell how easy a read this book is, how they finished it in a few days.  At first I couldn’t believe it, it took much longer than that to write.  But now I understand this is what people want, they want something they can read, understand and implement right away.  The fact of the matter is, I talk like I write and I talk like a regular person.  I don’t use big fancy words, I’m not a doctor or nutritionist; I live simply, I talk simply and the way I understand things is exactly the way I teach it, with simplicity and efficiency.

Within the recipes I list in the meal plan,  you won’t find a gourmet chef’s ingredients that you’ll only use once, you don’t have to go to the grocery store for that one ingredient you’ll never use again.  Most of the food is regular food, it’s whole food, it’s the food that’s in your fridge on a regular basis (or should be).  You don’t have to shop at a health food store (although you should) or at an extravagant high end shop; these are easily accessible foods and ones that are easy to prepare.  And to top all that off, they are affordable too!

I really do cover the entire mind and body in Detoxify Yourself though.  I not only list foods that shouldn’t go in our body but chemicals and substances that shouldn’t go on our bodies; from snacking on microwave popcorn to what you’re cooking with, it’s all there.  Detoxify Yourself is an entire lifestyle detox, I show you how to live in vitality every single day, not just a quick fast or how a weekend cleanse does.  Reset every day of your life, feel great, live with energy and be that person you want to be by living a Detoxified Life.

Once again for more information on that website, you can click here.

book signing

This is Drew Taddia at Chapters signing Detoxify Yourself



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