EM&B #371: Choosing a Vibrant Life 2

Cori’s love of adventure, learning and laughter is the theme for her life. A seeker of truth, her
passion to live a vibrant, healthy life was ignited during her first pregnancy. She studied
voraciously and took action to bring a healthy child into the world. Years of farming, gardening
and raising three healthy children close to nature, brought out a deep love for the earth.

Always seeking a better way, Cori found the most powerful tools available for personal growth
and transformation. Her studies of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Reiki, Energy healing
and other Mind/Body techniques expanded into private work with clients and workshops with

She was captivated by the ancient wisdom of indigenous people around the world and
especially studying those in Hawaii, North and South America. This ongoing 25-year journey has
been a deep dive into shamanic practices. Thirteen years ago, she built a Spirit Drum who has
become her traveling companion for the songs and chants when hosting sacred healing fires
and drumming circles.

Her first book, “Vision Quest, A Spiritual Awakening,” was inspired by this indigenous practice of going
into solitude, hers being 48 hours alone on a mountain. This journey in silence and trust with water but
no tent or food opened a connection and love for all life.

Cori’s latest book, “Choosing a Vibrant Life,” is filled with simple and inspiring ideas to create
the life and health we really want by reclaiming our power of choice. Her work helps us claim
our immense power to create a peaceful world where all can thrive.

Beautiful British Columbia, Canada is her home in summer and she finds adventure wherever
the warm wind blows her at other times of the year, where she offers ceremonies and
workshops internationally.

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