Being a Girl at the Gym

Being a girl at the gym, it’s a common feeling: being at the gym and thinking everyone is staring at you, laughing about how silly you look. Perhaps at some point, everyone at the gym experiences this. Dorothy Keith has been no exception, however, she has learned how to greatly overcome this awkward feeling. In this brief show, she will walk you through steps to stomp this unnecessary feeling, and leave you feeling more confident and at ease at the gym. 


Show Notes:

  • It can be understandably intimidating
    • The fear of everyone staring at you, thinking you are doing something wrong
  • Start small, try out a few things out at a time
  • Reach out to someone who has more experience than you, and get them to show you around so you feel more comfortable
  • Have a plan
    • Know what routine you are going to do before you enter the gym
    • Use whatever form of plan you are comfortable with, whether its written on paper, on your phone, or just as a mental list
  • Have a gym buddy
  • Find workouts that you can do at home, there are a lot
  • In reality, everyone at the gym is too busy with their own workouts to look at you
  • Dorthy still feels uncomfortable sometimes

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