EMB #126: Beginner tips for the gym

Beginner tips for the gym is the topic on today’s show because it’s a brand new year, motivation is at an all time high and so are gym membership sales.  If you regularly visit the gym you know what I’m talking about and if you’re new you might think it’s always this packed but the truth of the matter is in 6-8 weeks the gym will empty out and you’ll have far less people motivated that stuck with their program and are still pushing forward.  My goal with this show is to help you stay motivated, to help you stay in the gym and continue moving directly towards all your health and fitness goals.

So let’s give you some Beginner Tips for the Gym!

#1.  Understanding the ‘why’

Understanding the ‘why’ is the most significant step in setting goals.  We all struggle, it’s what we do.  If we have a strong enough why, this reason will push us past the struggle, it’ll help us get up when we fall and get us back on our feet when we stumble.  This ‘why’ has to be rooted deep inside because no one can give us the motivation we need to push forward through the difficult times and there will be difficult times.  If you want something that bad, and it’s worth fighting for then it’s worth obtaining, which means it’s worth figuring out what your why is.

#2.  What options do you have?

The best thing to do is look around your community to see what resources they have to offer.  What gyms are in the area, what are the prices for memberships?  What else do they offer?  Is there fitness classes available if so what kind, do they have personal trainers, can someone help you set up a program or is there someone you’d like to work with all the time.  This is research, in the business world they’d call it due diligence and it’s time to do yours.

#3.  Find a trainer or someone to help you get started

So now that you’ve done some research you know if you can afford a trainer or not.  If you can I’d highly recommend you find someone to help you get started on the right foot.  Many trainers have free consultations, hopefully without the sales pitch so book a few different trainers to sit down with them and see what they have to offer.  Ask them how they’ll help you reach your health and fitness goals.  I say sit down with them because everyone resonates with someone different and of course you want to get your money’s worth and work with someone you get along with.

#4.  Make a plan yourself

But if you’re comfortable in the gym atmosphere on your own it really doesn’t take much to build your own program.  In today’s day in age of endless resources you can find online programs, videos, pictures and detailed explanations of how to design your own.  I go into more detail in a previous show #108 titled how to be efficient in the gym and in life.  But trainers are rarely used for a program alone, usually they help with motivation, personal problems, solving other issues that don’t have to do with the gym and if all they do is design a program you should think about finding someone else.

If the trainer route isn’t your thing maybe you have friend that regularly goes to the gym or maybe your friend has a friend.  You don’t have to work out with this person the whole time and you don’t have to hold their hand, maybe it would increase your confidence just to arrive with someone, change with them and walk through those gym doors together.  Maybe that way the gym won’t seem so intimidating; and if you know someone that’s motivated and knows what they’re doing that wants to workout with you all the time that’s great too.  Use that, motivate each other, be that support and have that support we need.

If nothing else ask this person to show you around, see if they’ll show you how to use that weight or this machine.  Maybe they know a few people at the gym they could introduce you to.  Sometimes just knowing friendly staff is enough to make you feel more welcome at what could be a scary place.

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Beginner pushups


#5. Fitness Classes

We’ve done our research, we’ve looked around to see what our community has to offer or what the gym we now belong to offers.  Why not try a class, especially if the gym is too much for us to take on right now.  This is  a great place to meet people or a great place to go to with friends.  The gym isn’t for everyone and classes aren’t for everyone but if you find what’s best for you you’ll be much better off.

There’s so many different classes they offer now a days, from yoga to pilates, from Zumba to boxing.  Why not try some different classes, try some different instructors and see what you like best?  You never know what you’ll like if you don’t try.  Classes are usually less intimidating because everyone is doing their own thing, if you go with a friend or two you can spend time together that beneficial to your health and you can all get better together.  Classes are also cheaper than a personal trainer which is why it’s another good option.

Classes are a good option for beginners as well because if you go to a weight training class for beginners you’ll be able to have someone there helping you with your form getting you more comfortable in your own body and performing the exercises.  There’s nothing wrong with starting out with classes and then moving to the gym once you feel more comfortable.   Classes and the gym also go well together, they complement one another and help your program stay fresh and motivated.  You don’t want to be doing the same thing every day, your body needs a change and so does your mind so instead of going to the gym every day or going to fitness classes, change it up and do both on different days.

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A fitness class is a good form of support


Thank you

Thanks so much for tuning in, I very much appreciate every chance you get to listen or read.  Your comments suggestions and even questions mean a lot to me as well.  I hope these beginner tips for the gym help help you reach all your health and fitness goals!

Beginner tips for the gym

Beginner tips for the gym


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