EMB #351 7 day Keto Experiment by Drew Dorothy 2

Last week, Drew and Dorothy decided to try the keto diet, so they can give real-life experience and right advice to their clients. Listen to this podcast to know what it feels like to go through the 7-day keto experiment challenge.


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2 thoughts on “EMB #351 7 day Keto Experiment by Drew Dorothy

  • Janet Rich Pittman

    Drew, Thank you for your report on you and Dorothy’s 7 day keto diet challenge. As a brain heatlh specialist, a former dementia administrator and dementia practitioner, I have experienced and researched many folks in the middle to severe stages of dementia who have severely improved their cognizance by following a strict keto diet. The brain is predominately fat, intelligent fat which has been stripped of energy and function by dementia. Brining fat back into ‘play’, into production of energy in brain cells, greatly improves brain function.

    Keto is not for everyone, but works remarkably well to restore cognitive function. For those suffering from MCI or mild cognitive impairment, my suggestion is NOT a direct keto 3 day fast (the higher your MCI score, the less likely the ability to stay with a strict 3 day keto type detox), but rather a gentle keto and paleo rotation, alternating every week, for the rest of their lives.

    Drew and Dorothy, may I also suggest the reason you did not experience a terrific bolt of brain energy while on this 7 day diet is because you were already eating a clean and balanced diet, your brain was ‘full and happy’, it did not need the extreme makeover or need an extreme flood of energy that is experienced and needed by the many who go on a keto diet. Your brain was already ‘fat’ and well balanced. Kuddos!

  • Cori Ellingson

    Thank you for checking this Keto thing. I have wondered about it too, but not enough to try it myself. I have been vegetarian for 41 years and vegan for 5 years now, so the whole idea of this diet is not appealing. I liked what you said about eating so much meat and the lack of energy. There have been so many fad diets over the years that are all the rage, often disguised as weight loss and then they gradually drop through the cracks. I get that 7 days is short but good on you both for trying it. Yes, we are all different and must adjust to what is best for us.