5/5 – How to avoid cravings

I love this question because it comes up quite often. Cravings are something that gets a hold of us, we can’t stop thinking about to the extent that it runs our day our week. So within this show I give you my top 5 tips on 5 minutes on how to not only stop cravings but avoid them all together.

How to Avoid Cravings: 

Find something do to

Most of the time we’re bored, we really are. We’re at home, done with a busy day, our work or homework is done, we’re finished with a long day, with driving the kids all over the place so we sit on the couch watching tv and are bored.

We get up, look in the fridge but nothing is there. Have a seat, then get up and look in the pantry, but nothing is there we want. This is one form of cravings. The other form I’ll address in my bonus tip.

Eat a meal

Tip #2 is to have a meal. Many times we’re craving something because we’re hungry. We’re never hungry with a warm meal in our belly. We don’t crave anything right after we eat because our body is satisfied. The only stipulation here is, if we’re used to having dessert after a meal, likely 15 mins later our body begins to look (or crave) that that sugary or fatty substance it’s used to.

So if you’re craving try to have some sort of meal or snack meal (suggestion in the next tip), instead of staying hungry and snacking on unhealthy treats.

How to avoid cravings

Keep healthy snacks around

It would be very difficult to live a healthy lifestyle if in every cabinet you open there is an unhealthy treat looking you right in the face. Which is why it’s important to keep healthy snacks around. Let’s say you’re craving and don’t know what you want, if you have some air popped popcorn for example, this is a healthy treat that could satisfy your craving.

Rice crackers and salsa is another nice little treat or what I call, a ‘snack meal’. Or you could try some form of dip like Tatziki or hummus with veggies. This will give you something to do (fighting boredom), and put some nutrients in your body.

Try Warm Tea

Our body becomes satisfied when we put something warm in it. Think of a hot meal for example. We’re usually very satisfied after a hot meal in the evening, which is why many people really don’t like salads for dinner (no matter what’s in it).  There’s a form of satisfaction when we have something warm in our bodies.

So try warm tea when you are craving or even before you’re craving to help out.

Fats and Fibre 

When you’re craving it’s important to look at fats and fibre to snack. Fats take longer to digest which means they give you sustained energy for a longer period. Avocado and salsa is a fantastic snack that will help with cravings because of the healthy fats in avocado.

Fiber is also important when it comes to not only digestion but when craving. Fibre actually slows the digestion process which means you’ll have nutrients in your system for a longer period of time. Try apples and peanut butter if you’re craving something.

Have it!

And my last bonus tip is, if you’re craving something really bad, then have it. Don’t let it run your life, your mood and emotions. Don’t be miserable because you really, really want something. Have it, let go of the guilt and move on with your life.

I would suggest trying to make a healthier decision. If you’re craving chips for example look for a bag with cleaner ingredients. And move forward in a progressive manner when making healthy decisions.


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