EMB #246: 5 Core Principles of Wellness

5 Core Principles of Wellness with Dr. Nicola brown is all about how to naturally improve your health through these core principles that include: Nutrition, Fitness, Supplementation, Hydration and Stress Relief.

Dr. Nicola Brown MeD RN, PhD is a dynamic mother and fabulous grandmother, leading her tribe as RN, Transformational Educational Speaker and Coach, Professor, Business Consultant and Maximization Strategist, Life Optimization & Empowerment Specialist, International Conference Speaker and Author.

She is an invited United Nations Guest Speaker (June 2016). She is the Founder and CEO of AIRS Global and Therapeutic Services Inc. AIRS is an intuitive, cutting edge technological leader in the health & wellness industry.

5 core principles of wellness

Show Notes:

  • Who is Dr. Brown and how did she get into the field of study
  • what is the AIRS Global and Therapeutic Services Inc.
  • why is hydration so important to your health
  • how can exercise improve your overall wellbeing
  • what supplementation do you recommend
  • how do you address nutrition with your clients
  • why is stress relief so important and how can it affect your health

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