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EM&B #248: Your Inner GPS

Zen Cryar DeBrücke is the author of Your Inner GPS. She is an internationally renowned teacher, speaker, and coach whose programs have helped people all over the world transform their personal and business lives for the better. Visit her online at Master intuitive coach and stress expert, Zen,teaches about the physical sensations in your body that are called […]

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EM&B #247: The Stress Solution

Arthur P. Ciaramicoli, EdD, PhD, is the author of The Stress Solution: Using Empathy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Reduce Anxiety and Develop Resilience. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and the chief medical officer of, a popular mental health platform. He has been on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and chief psychologist of Metrowest […]

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EM&B #245: A Cure For Type 2 Diabetes?

Dr. Jason Fung grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada….. I went to the University of Toronto at age 17 to begin studies in Biochemistry. By 23, I completed medical school at the U of T, and began my Internal Medicine residency there. Finishing my specialty of Internal Medicine, I chose Nephrology (kidney disease) as my […]

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EM&B #241: Extraordinary Mind

In this mind-expanding episode, we explore the ideas of Vishen Lakhiani, and discuss his newly published and brilliant book, “Code of the Extraordinary Mind.” Vishen realized that out of all of the tips to success we are taught in school, the biggest and most important was left out: How to operate on a much higher […]

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EM&B #240: Eat Complete with Dr. Drew Ramsey 2

Eat Complete with Dr. Drew Ramsey is all about Brain Health and helping you understand that firstly food can improve the health of your brain and secondly which foods can help in which ways. Eat Complete is also jam packed with recipes to help you prepare delicious to improve the health of your brain. Who […]

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eat complete with dr drew ramsey

clearing emotional clutter

EM&B #236: Clearing Emotional Clutter 1

On this episode of Exploring Mind and Body I have the opportunity to interview Donald Altman who is the author of Clearing Emotional Clutter. I feel like so many of us carry around our past, we’re weighed down emotionally and haven’t learned how to let go. I like the example Donald used in the interview […]

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EM&B #233: Get Active with Tony Horton 1

On this episode of Exploring Mind and Body I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing the infamous Tony Horton. He shares his philosophy surrounding health, wellness, fitness and so much more. Tony sat down with me for 60 minutes to offer all kinds of information about his own personal workouts, what he eats for breakfast […]

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Get active with Tony Horton

is wheat bad for you

5/5 – Is Wheat Bad for You?

To begin, let’s get one thing out of the way. I am not against wheat. Just because I have an expert, Dr. Davis, answer the question ‘is wheat bad for you’ doesn’t mean I agree. However I do believe the wheat industry has changed in a big way, which is why I also believe it’s […]

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EM&B #230: Handling Grief with Debra Oakland 3

Handling Grief with Debra Oakland is based around her mission of sharing her story of Living in Courage with stems from her book Change Your Movie Change Your Life: 7 Reel Steps for Courageous Change. In this show Debra shares her incredible story of her own grief. She talks about how she lost her 21 […]

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handling grief

Four Purposes of Life

EM&B #227: Four Purposes of Life with Dan Millman 1

I couldn’t be more excited to bring another interview to you on Exploring Mind and Body featuring Dan Millman. One of my favourite authors and guests on the show, this is Dan’s 4th’s appearance! Which is only fitting given the title of his book we’re talking about today. I always feel grateful to have Dan […]

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